Tickets for Home Events

Tickets for Home Events

All tickets for home events are sold online this year. You can purchase through the Storm website ( or the Hometown Ticket app! Download it for a quick and easy process when purchasing tickets and scan it in at the gate!

*(processing fees apply, no cash or check at the gate)

You can either show the barcode/QR code on the ticket through your smart device or print it off for scanning at the gate. Please see the attached flyer on the app you can also download it to speed up your process to purchase these tickets and keep your tickets in, so you can find them for all events. Individual game tickets for home are released two weeks prior to the game date.

Hometown Fan App Overview

Tickets for away events will either be online or at the gate. Coaches and I will do our best to send a link out ahead of time, to send to families if you need to purchase ahead of time. Most of our conference schools will put a link in the schedule if they are doing online ticketing, so you can check that as well (choose SRR calendar at

Family, adult, and student passes are now available for purchase.

  • Upon purchasing a pass, a QR code pass will be emailed to you that you will use for admittance to each event.
  • Family passes are $183, good for the entire year for all storm home regular-season activities, and allow six people in per event. The six people may only include the immediate family and grandparents of the participant.
  • Adult passes are good for one person at each event and cost $83.
  • Student passes are $43 and are intended for students in grades K-8, as all High School students can attend home events for free during the regular season. Students in grades 6-8 who pay an activities fee can attend home events for free during the regular season. 

Purchase Passes

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