Huge Success at 2022 ICDC Grand Awards!

Our DECA students had a wonderful time in Atlanta at their National Conference. Listed below are the results. 
Each of these events had approximately 150 competitors.
    •    2nd- Business Growth Plan:             Andrew Kath

    •    2nd- Business Solutions Project:         Valeria Flores Bonilla and Faith Munson

    •    2nd- School-Based Enterprise:         Izzy Fiereck and Bailey Seaman

    •    3rd- Business Growth Plan:             Ian Cairns and Izzy Cairns

    •    4th- Marketing Team Role Play:        Noah MacDonald and Macy Welk

    •    8th- Virtual Business Personal Finance:     Jack O’Brien

    •    8th- Virtual Business Retail:             Garret Broman and Andrew Markfelder 

    •    10th- Independent Business Plan:         Hailee Cullen and William Nielsen

    •    Top 20- Career Development Project:    Grace Loidolt and Emma Miller 

    •    Top 20- Business Services Ops. Research:     Collin Fuchs and Jack Klein

    •    Top 20- School-Based Enterprise Food:     Carter Loesch and Jayce Walrath


Six high school students holding awards from the 2022 DECA National Conference
Group of high school students at the 2022 DECA National Conference
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