Diggin' Diversity

Welcome to Diggin' Diversity

Diggin’ Diversity meets weekly to have discussions on things that are important but usually aren’t integrated into the academic curriculum. Diggin’ Diversity is a place to speak your mind and have respectful discussions on difficult subjects. Topics range from current events such as immigration policies to school issues such as bullying. We also discuss issues concerning the school climate. Our club does everything we can to make our school more inclusive and inviting for all. Diggin’ Diversity also takes time to learn about various cultures, ethnicities, and religions. We are always looking to expand our comfort zones.

Diggin’ Diversity is a multicultural leadership group comprised of students who are compassionate and dedicated to the well-being of all. The primary focus is to create an open-minded community that celebrates differences and brings people together to learn and lead in a diverse world.

- Advisor Turner


James Turner

Sauk Rapids-Rice Schools