Basketball - Girls

Our Value System

Our value system is based off of a system called “the fist” created by the great Coach K, who is known for his coaching career at Duke University. In basketball terms, the five fingers of the fist represent the 5 players out on the court. To reach a team’s full potential the 5 players on the court must play as one unit, not as individuals. The five fingers also represent our 5 team values:

  1. Communication - We communicate openly, honestly, and with positive intent.

  2. Trust - We trust in our coaches’ abilities, our teammates’ abilities, and our own abilities. We are a team, there is collective responsibility, we win together and lose together.

  3. Care - We care about each other as individuals. We have each other’s backs.

  4. Pride - We are proud to be a part of something bigger than ourselves. We are proud to be a part of the Storm Girls Basketball Team.

  5. Passion - We participate for the love of the game. Our mind is always open to learning more about the sport. We are motivated by our “why” to improve ourselves in our roles everyday.

Welcome to Storm Girls Basketball



My Coaching Philosophy:

  • I am passionate about the game of basketball. I coach to continue learning about the sport and to share my knowledge and passion of the game.

  • I believe in order to be successful in a team sport like basketball there needs to be a culture that is based on values and character development, that is upheld by everyone involved (players, parents, and coaches).

  • I believe the values, and lessons learned while being an athlete in sports and being a part of a team are valuable assets that our players can carry with them in their future.

Head Coach

Brooklyn Harren



Sauk Rapids-Rice Schools