Welcome to Storm SpeechFAMILY, SCHOOL, TEAM 
This is the order of your responsibility. Keep this in mind when you take on new responsibilities.

Speech Team Expectations:

  • Must attend one day of practice and participate the week before a meet to be eligible to perform.

  • Attend meets dressed professionally even when not performing.

  • Be Respectful to team members, coaches, other competitors, and judges. 

  • Help set up for the home meet!

  • You may perform at an Invitational Competition (Speech Meets) after a coach has approved your performance piece.

I coach to inspire students to be more. My goal is to instill tenacity, work ethic, time management, team spirit, and true sportsmanship. To offer an opportunity for students to feel defeat and yet to know that in that defeat they can find strength and pride. To allow students to be part of a team that lifts each other up so they can have the courage to come back and try again. If I can inspire students to embrace who they are and be proud, then my purpose for being a coach is realized.

- Coach Joanie 

Head Coach

Joanie Hauck