Welcome to Storm Robotics

Sauk Rapids-Rice High School is proud to have a successful robotics team participating in FIRST Robotics (FRC Team 3740) and VEX Robotics (Teams 9210 A-Z) since 2009.

The mission of Storm Robotics is to inspire students to become the leaders and innovators in science and technology in our ever-changing world.

Our Storm robotics program strengthens students’ skills in science, technology engineering and mathematics (STEM). Through robotics, students also gain valuable life skills such as self-confidence, communication, responsibility, leadership and much more.

FRC and VEX challenges teams to raise funds, design a team brand, hone teamwork skills and create a fully programmed and functional robot to perform prescribed tasks against a field of competitors. Through the guidance of realistic engineering challenges.

Storm Robotics consists of:

Elementary VEX IQ Program for students in grades 3rd-5th (Through Community Education): 9210M, 9210N, 9210T, 9210S, 9210U, 9210P, 9210R, 9210V, 9210W, 9210X

VEX High School: 9210A, 9210B, 9210C, 9210Z

VEX Middle School: 9210E, 9210F, 9210G, 9210H, 9210J, 9210K

FIRST Robotics (FRC) #3740

I coach to provide meaningful real world experiences to students so they can thrive in our engineering and robotics driven world.

- Coach Payne


Logan Payne

First Robotics