Art Club

Welcome to Art Club

We’re so glad you’re curious about our group and what we do!  In short, we like to:

  1. Experiment and express ourselves with different art media as made available in the art room. These include everything from throwing clay on a wheel to alcohol marker illustrations to oil painting landscapes at a Bob Ross night!

  2. Spend time together showing, making and teaching each other what we do for art.

  3. Collaborate as a group to make murals, ceramic poppies and other community service projects.

Art has the power to change individual lives through personal expression, groups by honoring and recording their time together, and our community through service projects. This is why I coach. Art helps us express what words sometimes cannot. It gives beauty and marks a moment in time. It helps us heal and remember to come together as a community. I coach because I want students to experience and be able to drive their own changes through art.


Shelly Chambers