Spring Spectator Information

The following information will include details for conference sporting events for spectators this spring. All events are open to the public, but we ask that you follow the information below. We hope you will join us for an event this spring.

  1. The Minnesota Department of Health requires that for all MSHSL events that Masks are worn at all times. This means that at hosted events, whether indoor or outdoors, you must wear a mask. The mask must cover your nose, mouth, and chin. The only time your masks can be down is when you are actively eating or drinking.
  2. The Central Lakes Conference, to fulfill requirements set by MDH and the MSHSL, will require all those attending events fill out this form for each game (one per family, list all that are attending) LINK, or there will be scannable QR codes around each venue in case you didn't fill out the form ahead of time. https://forms.gle/UQcV8CSM8s5rZbyH6. For non-conference away events, families will be informed on the opponent's policies through the team's Remind.
  3. Social distancing is required between family groups with 6 feet minimum between groups. Those attending softball and baseball may want to bring their own chairs to ensure distancing.
  4. As per MDH and MSHSL, there is to be no interaction between player pods and spectators so we can keep the events free and open to those who would like to attend. All spectators should leave immediately after the conclusion of an event, there will be no waiting to meet with athletes.
    1. Spectators must be separated from the competition by a minimum of 12 feet.
    2. Spectators must be separated by at least 6 feet between households/spectator groups.
    3. For events where 12 feet can’t be maintained between participants and spectators, participants must be included in the total capacity count and will limit the number of spectators at events to two per participant.
  5. LIVE STREAM: we will attempt to live stream all events, however, pending weather we might not be able to provide live video for all. Sometimes there will be sound, other times it will be the noise of the competition. All events that will be live streamed will be on the Storm YouTube channel at www.youtube.com/SRRActivities. Please check out the schedule on each activities page on storm.isd47.org on the game day to see if the live stream has been canceled due to weather.

*At the track, spectators will only be allowed in the Grandstand, and the fence outside of the facility to watch the field events.
*Bob Cross is managed by SRR for home events, and must follow the same rules as all other school properties.
*Spectators are not to enter dugouts, player bench areas, etc. even to drop something off, especially at softball where dugouts are not outlined by fencing for lower levels.